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Daniel Duty

Founder & CEO

Daniel Duty is an internationally known expert in the fields of negotiation, partnership building, joint problem-solving and collective impact. 

Daniel built the Business Partnerships and Negotiations team for Target where he developed its negotiations and partnership strategy and implemented a variety of frameworks, creating billions of dollars in savings and growth.

Will Davis

Founder & COO

Will Davis is an expert in the retail ecosystem. He’s led billion dollar businesses, transformed merchandising processes, and negotiated across the spectrum of Retail/CPG relationships. 

As head of Conlego Operations, Will focuses on company strategy and implementation, creating new product offerings, developing innovative negotiation approaches, and delivering obscene value to clients through customized engagements and long-term transformation. ​

His customer negotiations and partnership approach with Whole Foods earned Conlego Supplier of the Year in 2018.

Alex Kopplin


Alex leads major client engagements at Conlego focused on developing and implementing business strategies, negotiation systems, and partnerships to drive sustainable growth. 

Kryssa (Anderson) Byron

Senior Engagement Manager

Kryssa leads retail engagements focusing on negotiations, category management, coaching and training. Known in the field as the Female Negotiator, Kryssa leads and develops Conlego’s “Women in Negotiation” practice.

Benton Uttley
Benton Uttley

Senior Engagement Manager

Benton leads major engagements for Conlego where he focuses on negotiations, Joint Business Planning, e-commerce, business strategies, storytelling and financial analyses and modeling. 

Mark Mathews

Senior Engagement Manager

Mark leads major client engagements at Conlego focusing on developing and implementing strategies in negotiation, partnerships, innovation, and business to drive sustainable growth. 

Scott Robertson

Senior Advisor

Scott is the country’s foremost leader in developing strategic partnerships and Joint Business Planning that achieve significant growth, innovation, and impact. His efforts have grown client businesses, while producing outstanding financial results.

Lisa Naughton
Lisa Naughton

Chief of Staff

Lisa serves as Conlego’s Chief of Staff, where she focuses on best practices in negotiations and training that benefit our clients.  She also conducts category negotiations for retail clients and is a significant coach for our clients and team.

Clay Parrish

Senior Associate

Clay is an expert in negotiations, category management, Joint Business Planning, business strategy, supply chain and innovation.  Clay helps our clients develop strategic plans for creating more value, while implementing those strategies in a way that creates sustainable results.

Mark Hill


Mark is a negotiation leader focused on developing significant outcomes in retail category negotiations.  Mark has special expertise in coaching clients through their business strategy and communications efforts, helping them develop a winning story that garners more investment.

Faye Zhang

Senior Analyst

Faye is a negotiations leader focused on how data and insights lead to greater results. With deep expertise in management information systems, supply chain & operations management, her work has uncovered opportunities worth millions of dollars for our clients.

John Pouchot


John is a negotiations leader focused on retail category and contract negotiations where he develops plans and strategies that produce out-sized results.

Juli Lassow

Engagement Consultant

Juli is an engagement consultant to Conlego where she brings deep expertise in sourcing, negotiations, private label, and financial modeling.  She has helped Conlego clients build tremendous value and impact. 

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