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VP of Negotiations

Within business, a company must manage thousands of new, existing and expiring negotiations and partnerships with some transactional by nature while others impact every aspect of the company. Often lacking a cohesive structure to analyze and improve the multitude of agreements with suppliers or the expertise to navigate complex, multilayered collaborations with its key partners, companies leave millions of dollars on the table and untapped growth opportunities. With our team as your representation at the negotiation table, you can be confident your best foot has been put forward.

The best and brightest

Often overlooked is the amount of research, preparation and logistical work happening behind the scenes to ensure that not only the table being set but the right people are in attendance. With Conlego, your company get years of high-impact negotiating during execution - in addition to a best-in-class team to handle the critical details.


Battle-tested methods

Our team relies on rigorously employing proven methods to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. By doing so, we are able to consistently ask the right questions, find the unseen roadblocks and execute effectively with confidence.

Many or few...

Negotiations take all shapes and sizes - and our team tackles them all. From managing all E-Sourcing activities to executing multi-billion dollar marketing arrangements to directing RFPs for multi-million dollars SaaS solutions or renegotiating with hundreds of suppliers - our team provides your company with the confidence that the best terms and solution has been found.