Training and Coaching

Negotiations & partnership building are core business competencies. Yet it's rare to find a company investing properly to train employees to thrive as negotiators in the changing consumer landscape - and rarer still to find a company that has taken the time to gather internal information and designate an expert to teach others. With so much riding on brokering mutual growth and savings, many neglect to raise the business acumen of the employees negotiating the most important parts of their businesses.

Let our team, with award-winning materials and delivery, help.

With various workshops, each tailored by vertical and skill level, our experts employ stories, humor, role-playing, unique preparation materials, and negotiation simulations to transfer powerful negotiations knowledge that sticks.


What to expect: 

  • Seminars tailored to your business' current level of negotiation acumen
  • Examples and simulations relevant to your business
  • Material for your team to use in the future
  • Workshop formatted to maximize participation and absorption of material

The Conlego negotiations mini-MBA

Are you looking to build deep expertise in the art and science of negotiation and partnership building? Our four day mini-MBA will give you the skills, strategy, process and tools needed to be a negotiation and partnership leader in your organization.  Join one of our small classes (limited to 4-6 people) or receive individual instruction.  Contact us for more information.