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Strategic Summits

Whether responding to a large scale change within the organization or simply taking advantage of a lull in the market, businesses often need to communicate with many vendors all at once. In order to succeed, there are two critical pieces – setting the stage and then engaging. With experience ranging from crafting Strategic Summits for a company's closest four suppliers to collaboratively discuss strategy right down to organizing and directing Strategic Summits engaging 50+ vendors and their teams for renegotiations, our team of experts are here to help design, prepare, execute and track your business' next outreach.

Setting the stage:

  • How have your partners been contacted?

  • Has there been uniformity in tone, messaging across partners?

  • Has the value of meeting been clearly articulated – both for your company and your partner?

  • Do your partners they understand why their participation is required?

  • Have logistical details been prepared to ensure a smooth gathering so business can go on uninterrupted?


  • Has your company internally decided the “asks” or goals for each conversation?

  • Have all angles of leverage been explored and prepared for?

  • What materials are necessary to walk away with maximum value captured?

  • Do your teams have dashboards to input their learnings/successes?

  • How is savings tracked to ensure longevity of event?