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Savings Tracker

One of the primary reasons companies choose to engage Conlego is because negotiations provide tangible impact to a company’s bottom-line.  However, to fully understand the impact of negotiated savings and then claim them after the negotiation(s) requires cross-disciplinary processes throughout an organization. 

Savings Tracker allows companies to:

  • Document negotiated savings across business units or divisions
  • Ensure capture of savings through new contracts, pricing agreements, or PO audits

  • Generate and allocate planned negotiations savings as part of annual operation plan (AOP)

  • Track negotiations impact year over year and against savings initiatives

  • Document impact for executives to communicate savings to external stakeholders

  • Provide recognition to team members for successful negotiations

The Savings Tracker is an essential component to building a negotiations capability throughout an organization to track and communicate the value created across all business units.  The Savings Tracker is the starting point by which Conlego integrates negotiations as an organization-wide tool.