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RFP Builder

When the biggest purchasing and partnering decisions need to be made, out come the RFPs. Often complied from previous projects or bids and sometimes edited by the reps themselves who receive them, RFPs (and RFQs, RFIs, RFCs) are cumbersome and do not always ask the right questions that relate to the necessary business functions. The problem is then compounded as the finalists often find themselves unsure of what qualities got them there and the highest priories of their potential customer. Let our team help by designing an RFP based off of the problems you are trying to solve and then guiding you on the purchasing process. With enterprise-level experience both sending out RFPs to vendors and as a vendor working through an RFP, we know both sides of the coin and drive all parties forward towards an executed agreement.

What are the benefits to my company?

  • Expert guidance to assisting your buying team on a major purchase

  • Ensure complete alignment between purchase and business needs

  • Confident all shortfalls and risks of new partnerships have been highlighted

  • Ensure best pricing achieved