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Partnership Growth

We pride ourselves in the partnerships we've built and improved - but we take equal pride in always leaving our clients with the instruments and knowledge to create more. Our goal is to broaden the width and depth of what a partnership could be and whether simply setting the table and prepping your team with proven tactics or fully developing strategic partnerships on your behalf, our team of experts will creatively craft an architecture for success - now and into the future.

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How we get it done

  • Identify key objectives and goals: to ensure success, we ask the right questions to align ourselves to your growth goals with top partners - and highlight opportunities grounded in experience and research
  • Determine strategy: our team of experts design the ideal scenario to engage with your identified group of partners - and outline the required materials and preparation to ensure success
  • Typical engagements include:  we teach the concepts of business planning tactics, handle all logistics associated with bring everyone to the table, capture data from new relationships, provide executive dashboard to highlight savings
  • How we make it stick: our clients "learn by doing", along with guided training, because our team works in tandem every step of the way - we do all the heavy lifting but pass along the skills needed to do it

Through creative frameworks, long-term planning, dispute facilitation, diligent preparation and supplier summits, we design scenarios to execute with your team designed to unlock new investment opportunities and significantly grow the partnership's value for everyone.

What's in the tool box?

Our team employs a variety of tools to ensure our partners walk away with the maximum value created and achieved, on both sides the handshake. Some are data-driven, software-based tools and others are concrete, comprehensive tactics and materials taught by our experts - but all have been honed through many, many years at the negotiating table.

Some of the most commonly seen tools used for partners engaged in Partnership Growth:

Case Study: Vendor Summit on behalf of speciality retailer with 3,500+ North American locations

To learn more about this case and how Conlego might help your business, please contact us