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Negotiation Strategy Development 

As any successful business will attest, a clear strategy with concrete values acts as a compass for their everyday actions and big decisions. Within the sphere of negotiations, where a lot can be a stake and pressure often looms, a sound strategy to guide your team can provide the framework necessary to execute a deal where all parties walk away happy. Is your business more collaborative or competitive? Are most deals made in order to grow or save money? Is there a point person to lead your business' conversations? Let our team of experts with years of experience negotiating with, and on behalf of, Fortune 500 companies help create a comprehensive strategy to drive your negotiations.

What value can a Negotiation Strategy bring to my company?

  • Bring a comprehensive and systemic approach to any and all negotiations my company engages in

  • Develop clear, articulated Best Practices to ensure great outcomes

  • Designate key resources to help others with their negotiations - and help them become experts 

  • Begin to track dollar, and opportunity, impact of better executed negotiations