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Negotiation Systems

Our philosophy underpinning all engagements is to build capabilities within our clients so when we wrap-up the initial efforts, the long-term game plan is already rehearsed and well drilled by those who will run it in the future. To accomplish this, our team can lead from the front so your team learns by example or our team can support from behind the scenes to set up your team for success - but no matter how we help, you walk away with successful negotiations and a team poised to continue succeeding at the bargaining table.


How we get it done

  • Determine current processes: to ensure success, we analyze the current negotiation acumen within the business as well as the financial landscape - and ask the right questions so nothing is missed
  • Outline opportunities: our team will sketch out what elevated negotiation skills mean to a business and once developed, how capitalize on potential savings - with detailed strategy to get there
  • Typical engagements include: training sessions and deployment of tools to both raise the skill level within the client as well as provide them resources so their new knowledge can be taken even further
  • How we make it stick: clients "learn by doing" with Conlego preparing for, leveraging tools, and executing, a negotiation however always in tandem with our client and passing along key points

Whether reviewing and revising a current source/procurement process, managing complex RFP initiative or orchestrating and executing key contract - whatever your negotiation needs are, big or small, we have the right experts ready to dive in and help.

What's in the tool box?

Our team employs a variety of tools to ensure our partners walk away with the maximum value created and achieved, on both sides the handshake. Some are data-driven, software-based tools and others are concrete, comprehensive tactics and materials taught by our experts - but all have been honed through many, many years at the negotiating table.

Some of the most commonly seen tools used for partners engaged in Negotiations Services:

tool box.jpg

Case Study: Digital sales at Fortune 50 retailer

Case study1.PNG

To learn more about this case and how Conlego might help your business, please contact us