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Long-range Planning (LRP)

In a world of rapid change and scrutiny on quarterly earnings, it can be hard to project out beyond the next fiscal year.  Conlego’s long-range plans (LRP) services provide a framework for businesses and select, key suppliers to facilitate discussion and focus on increasing long-term value for both companies by taking a longer-term view of those partnerships.  LRPs help companies:

  • Share and align on three to five-year priorities
  • Co-develop IP or drive innovation exclusive to the relationship
  • Transfer data and knowledge that may be mutually beneficial
  • Allocate resources critical to the growth & health of the partnership
  • Facilitate top-to-top meetings with key executives to create alignment and spur action

Particularly in markets with slow growth, LRPs are an effective tool to combat revenue stagnation by creating a plan to increase shared value and building for a sustainable, long-term partnership.  In most businesses where a small group of key suppliers drive a disproportionate amount of volume – often across multiple buyers or business units – LRPs are an effective way to take a longer-term view of the relationship at an executive level.  Conlego’s experience in developing LRP across complex, strategic partnerships provides incremental value for organizations where long-term partnerships are critical to the success of both the vendor and the supplier.