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Joint Business Plans (JBPs)

A key part of building any long-term partnership is identifying mutual goals and tracking progress against them on an annual basis.  Our Joint Business Planning (JBP) service helps companies and their suppliers:

  • Outline the process
  • Arm clients and their partners with the necessary tools
  • Identify a common language & framework
  • Facilitate conversations to ensure successful implementation of the JBP

The ultimate success of JBP is reliant on more than just the tools themselves as it requires alignment across organizations along with commitment to the process and a mutual understanding of the KPIs and measurement.  Implemented well, JBP can be a key process that companies can employ to achieve mutual growth – both revenue and cost savings – and strengthen key relationships.  JBP takes time and effort to embed into the company’s processes and Conlego’s facilitation of hundreds of JBPs will help your organization succeed in implementing JBP.