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Competitive Line Reviews (CLRs)

One of our most popular services to generate immediate impact within a category is a Competitive Line Review (CLR).  CLRs is an effective tool to introduce a negotiations process to buying decisions, across an entire department, to provide frameworks in which to generate the highest amount of value.


  • Allow buyers to make improved assortment decisions through visibility to category margin impact by vendor/item

  • Save time for buyers by streamlining assortment review process and standardizing timelines

  • Provide support and forum for buyers to have increased leverage and negotiate, beyond price

  • Create reporting on negotiated outcomes to update pricing in systems post-CLR

  • Controlled scenario for buyers to apply negotiation skills and receive live coaching and support from experts

  • Generate best outcomes for business while building long-term organizational culture of negotiation

The Competitive Line Review is one of the most effective tools to capture savings for an organization on an ongoing basis with the large majority of its supplier base.  Conlego’s expertise in building Competitive Line Reviews, as well as supporting buying teams throughout these negotiations, makes this service an essential for organizations looking to build a long-term capability around negotiations.